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Loose lump right next to the epydidimus...

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  • Loose lump right next to the epydidimus...

    Loose lump right next to where the epydidimus connects to my right testicle, feels kinda squishy, but not like completely, there is a definate seperation between it and my testicle but they are still connected by skin or something. I am able to move it back and forth with my fingers and doesn't cause and discomfort unless I squeeze on it. Is this just a cyst or some minor imflammation? I felt on my left testicle in the same area and this side just seems a little inflammed to the other, should I even bother getting it checked out now or only if it grows or becomes worse? Noticed it a couple months ago and it hasn't grown at all or anything. Thanks ahead of time for responses.

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    Welcome to the forums Blahdot3h,

    It doesn't sound like its TC since its not attached to the testicle. I would still get it checked out by a doctor just to be on the safe side and to ease your mind.

    Hope all goes well.

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      You should make an appiontment with a Urologist and get it checked out.. More then likely it's some sort of infection that could be cleared up with a few weeks of meds... Good Luck!!!!!
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