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Not so sure????

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  • Scott
    It seems highly unlikely, but you should talk about all your symptoms with your doctor.

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  • mccoy77
    started a topic Not so sure????

    Not so sure????

    I have recently been diagnosed of having panic disorder only lst week.Since i hav started taking frequent panic attacks i hav had a dull ache in my lower abdomen which comes and goes at certain times.I hav also suffered wit erection problems n hav been goin 2 the toilet more frequently.My problem is tht i hav also felt slight pains in my left testicle but i cant feel ne lumps.The pains seem 2 go away for a short period of time after i go 2 da toilet.1 ngt lst week i also felt constant pain in my lower back while tryin 2 sleep but it hasnt occurred since.I dnt kno if this has ne fing 2 do wit my panic attacks but is it possible tht it is tc even tho i cant feel ne lumps???