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Hubby might have T.C... I need advice

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  • Hubby might have T.C... I need advice

    My husband discovered a lump almost a year ago (just guessing) it was around 6mos after he knew about it, he told me. I've begged him to go to the Dr and he wouldn't! I made him 2 appts and he didnt go to either of them. So I just left him alone about it, even though it was making me sick with worry. So last week he comes to me and says " make me a Drs appt, its gotten twice as big" GRRRR... this makes me mad... why would he wait this long?? I told him I would. So we have an appt this tuesday the 18th.

    From what I know it doesnt hurt him , the lump is at the end of it (kinda of by the tube thingie) (sorry..I don't know the medical terms..Im not making fun..I just don't know how else to explain it). Im worried... worried that its spread and they won't be able to get it all. Its effected our sex life... I just didnt bother him about it, cause he did say it hurts during sex. If it hurts him Im not going to make him do it (no pun intended) lol.. gotta keep your humor in all this...I love him and hes my bestfriend... why can't he talk to me about it. I don't know how to make him open up to me.

    I just need any advice at this point... PLEASE help us! Im worried.

    - Jessi

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    Jessi, welcome to the forums. You're already taking the most important first step by getting to the doctor now. There are possibilities other than cancer. If it is cancer, it is highly likely to be cured. The best way to be sure what you're dealing with is by having an ultrasound of the testicle. You may want to review the Testicular Cancer Resource Center's list of questions to ask the doctor. Good luck, and please keep us posted.
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      jess he will open up when he is ready ... i didnt tell my wife how i was really
      feeling till very near surgery the "man " of the house i wanted to cause and show as little concern as i could ..and my ,bless her hgeart , remmained patient with mne , then became ny biggest supprter and leaning post ..and thru all of this our relationship has strengthened ... just be strong and patient and informed about this and he will open up eventually ... good luck and keep us posted
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