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    Hello all,

    A little over three weeks ago I went in to the ER with a swollen left testicle and a good deal of pain. The attending physician immediately had me do an ultrasound. After getting the results he referred me to an urologist. While waiting for the appt with the urologist I was contacted by the primary care doctor's office asking me to come in for the results of my ultrasound. I had received a copy of the unofficial report. This report showed a multilocular cyst of 5.7 cm, another simple cyst on the right, and a hypoechoic mass of about 2.3 cm within the left testicle. The official report acutaly puts forth the concern for a neoplasia for the mass.

    When consulting with the primary care doctor he informed me that it was cancer, based on the ultrasound report. After a physical examination he immediately got on the phone with the urologist and got me an appointment the next day. I then went and drew blood for marker tests and was to have the urologist call for those results, and a chest x-ray.

    I was supposed to be going to have the testicle removed. Once there the urologist showed me the ultrasound graphics and pointed out where the cancer was. He performed an examination and made comments that if it was cancer it should be hard. Now the one thing I am not sure about is how hard, "hard" is supposed to be. My left testicle is definitely swollen and to me does feel harder than the right, but not excessively so.

    He then voiced concern over the ultrasound images not showing enough and wanted to perform his own. This was done and neither the radiologist nor the urologist could find the mass. He then informed me that I DIDNOT have cancer and put me on antibiotics for two weeks. I am to return tomorrow(friday the 21st) for another ultrasound for comparison, and the bloodwork results.

    This has really been a hard three weeks, not to mention painful. In the meantime I began hurting more into my lower abdomen area, specifically around the upper hip joints. I also have the constant sensation of someone lightly choking me and my throat area is swelling somewhat. I would attribute all of these to physcosematic symptons, but they all happened before I began researching TC.

    I fear the worse, hope for the best, and I know that if it turns out I do have TC that it should be completely curable. Sorry for such a detailed report, but it REALLY helps to talk about it to others. When I go in tomorrow I will insist that the urologist at least consider the possibility of cancer. If not, I will go and get a third opinion. If anyone has advice or an opinion on my case I would very much like to hear it.


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    I don't believe the added symptoms are related to the elusive testicular mass, but I don't know how one could judge the "hardness" caused by a relatively small solid mass in a testicle inflated with fluid -- that large cyst. Please be sure to let us know what you find out today.
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      Sorry to hear you've had such a stressful 3 weeks, the waiting, and not knowing can really be horrible.

      If the ultrasound is inconclusive, you could ask for an MRI or a CT scan, they are considerably more expensive, but reveal a lot more detail.

      Prior to my second IO, my ultrasound revealed a hypoechoic area, because I had TC before and only had one testicle, the urologist wanted to be certain before he removed it. He sent me for an MRI, and the results were enough to convince him it was definitely a tumor.

      If you're not comfortable with what you hear from your doctor, go for that third opinion.

      Best of luck and keep us updated.

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        Well, I went Friday, and really don't have anymore answers than I had last week, except for one thing. A hernia...that was the extra symptons.

        The uroligist still insists there is no cancer, and maybe he's right. I hope so! But the answers....well, The mass shown in the ultrasound he attributed to a shadow/junction of where the testicles meet. I didn't know you could have a shadow internally?? The tumor markers turned up negative at least the LDH and the CHG. The AFP results were not in....after two weeks!!

        So my thoughts. I have an appt Tues with the primary care doctor to talk about the hernia and the original diagnosis. See what he says about the diagnosis and get the hernia taken care of. As of right now I am going through the state health care system in Louisiana. By then I will be eligible for insurance at work. After I have visited a "real" GP I will try and get a referral to a local urologists and get my THIRD opinion. This is just for me to be 100% certain.


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          I just reread my post, and man it sounds a little harsh. The doctors with the "charity" system here in Louisiana are GREAT doctors and I have even had a surgery (appendectomy) by their hands. No complaints. I'm just not certain they are handling this right, and I want to be sure. Please do not take my comments in any negative light of these Doctors.



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            It's your health and if you need a 3rd opinion to feel confident, go for it. You must be your own health advocate.
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              Well, I made my trip to the primary care doctor today. He had all of my test results that they had taken and all markers came by normal. He is very confident that this is not cancer, and attributes his diagnosis to panicing over the radiologist report. I am going to accept this. WHEW!!!

              My hernia....probably no operation due to its size.

              The cysts....learn to live with it. Scheduled to have some fluid drawn out, can't remember how to pronounce it let alone spell it.

              All in all, I'm supposed to be healthy.

              This has really been an experience, and allthough I have watched and am continuing to watch my mother suffer with lung cancer and chemo, I will never look at cancer quite the same. You guys that have battled and won are a truly brave and special people.

              God Bless You All,