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TC in an 8 year old?

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    He is doing well. He has had Chemo three times now. It makes him sick, but he seems to be dealing with it better than he did the first time. He has to do 12 weeks of chemo and then radiation. Then he will do 12 more weeks of Chemo. He's a tough little guy, I don't know how they do it.

    In addition to his battle with cancer, my mother-in-law, who is a cousin to the 8 y/o's grandmother ( I know it makes no sense, but trust me) was diagnosed with colon cancer this evening. They are doing emergency surgery right now. She should be out by midnight or so. She is 84.

    Thanks for asking about the boy. Oh, he is definately in stage one, that was great news.



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      We certainly wish both your friend's son and your mother-in-law the best in their battles. This demonstrates again that cancer can affect us all. The good news is that cure rates have risen significantly among children and seniors. Unfortunately, they've been stagnant among young adults.
      Scott, [email protected]
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