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Does this sound like Testicular cancer?

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  • Does this sound like Testicular cancer?

    Hello, just wanted to get your thoughts

    What does a lump that is associated with Testicular cancer feel like and how big are they? The reason I ask is because I do have something (not really a lump but there is something there) that is really really small that is on one testicle but not the other. It is on the backside and its hard to explain what it feels like but its very very tiny. The only reason I am concerned is because I cant find something like it on the other testicle. It is back where the wiring is and feels like maybe where the wiring attaches. I was thinking thats what it was but I cant find the same thing on my other one.

    Anyways I have had it for a long time, several years. I may have had it for my whole life, I dont know for sure though because when I was young I wasnt really checking for stuff like that. I would say that I have 'notcied' it for probably 5 years. I dont show any other symptoms at all just this tiny (growth?). It has never gotten any bigger. I plan on having it looked at next month when I am home from school, but that is a month away and was jut wondering what your thoughts are.

    Does this sound like possible Testicular cancer to you?

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    If it's been there for 5 years and hasn't changed or grown at all it is highly unlikely it is TC. I still think it's a good idea to have it checked just so any doubt you have can be alleviated. Let us know the outcome!
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      agreed. you should have it checked just to know what it is...5 years of a presence would be extremely odd for a tumor without spreading...but still. check it out. it is most definitely worth knowing what it is.

      keep us up to date.

      good luck!


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        Hey thanks you two. What type of blood work would find TC? I have had blood work done twice in the last 3 years, once for a physical where all they checked was my white blood counts and than another time they did more extensive testing, both times everything checked out great. Is TC something they have to specifically look for or would it show up in this type of blood work?


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          Tests for AFP and hCG tumor markers aren't part of routine blood work.
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            alright thanks scott. What do you think about this, does it sound like TC?


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              five years would be a long time to show no other symptoms, howevey I'm sure you would sleep better if a dcotor checked you out. It might be a simple calcification but get it checked anyway.
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                five years would be a long time to show no other symptoms,
                This is what I was tinking. Does a TC tumor usually grow over time? Because this has been the same size for as long as I have noticed it, and we are talking small too, 1mm or less, its hard to explain because I wouldnt even call it a lump. I guess this is the best way I have seen it explained:

                "You should be aware that each normal testis has an epididymis, which appears as a small "bump" on the upper or middle outer side of the testis. Normal testicles also contain blood vessels, supporting tissues, and tubes that conduct sperm. Some men may confuse these with cancer."-

                This is why I think it is the tubing, but I wasnt sure. I am one of those people that think any little thing is a big medical problem, this is why I have had blood work done in the past and am religious about my yearly physicals.

                But everyone here is right it is worth knowing, and everyone has eased my mind about it, atleast I can get through finals now.