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    I have posted on here before but im still a little worried. I had an ultrasound in january because I could feel a small lump about the size and texture of a grain of sand. The person that did the ultrasound seemed to do a thorough job, and it came back saying i had a hydrocele in my left testical that I already knew about and no masses on either testical. I have no pain or swelling in my right testical but i can still fell that sand like bump its near the bottom of my right testical and seems to move around the bottom. Testical cancer comes from within the testical right so it would not move around would it?

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    You're right - TC comes from within the testicle, so you would not be able to move it around seperately. Also, an ultrasound is the best test for TC, so I wouldn't worry since it didn't show anything.

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