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I think i'm finally going to go to the doctor.

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  • I think i'm finally going to go to the doctor.

    I'm scared more than ever now.

    A few days ago I started getting headaches and strange feelings in my left hand. My head tilts a small bit. I'm scared TC has spread to the brain. Most people that get treated for brain cancer end up retarded and I just want to stay normal.

    I'm going to die because I didn't go get checked 7 months ago.

    Would a blood test have picked up cancer spread? A month or two ago at a checkup I had a simple blood test which was part of a routine physical. I'm hoping this is all an attack of paranoia but the hard testicle hasn't gone away. It hasn't grown any bigger either though.

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    Your blood test wouldn't have been looking for AFP or hCG tumor markers, but it may have checked LDH.

    There's no time like the present. Don't leap to conclusions, but do get yourself to the doctor and tell him or her everything you've told us!
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      You THINK you're finally going to the doctor and HOPE it's just paranoia????? Pick up the phone and make an appointment. The first step is yours to make. While there are many aspects of life we have no control over, seeking a medical appointment is not one of them. Sorry to be firm, but not calling doctors when you fear you may have a serious illness makes no sense. A fearful mind can conjur up all kinds of symptoms. Call, go, and let us know what it is, if anything at all.
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