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Urine Infection and now possible T.C?

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  • Urine Infection and now possible T.C?

    I've recently had a Urine Infection approx 6wks ago which i was perscribed Trimethoprim, after the course i had another urine test which came back clear but i new in myself i still didn't feel right....
    Since then i've had a dull ache in my right testicle area which made me think the infection had not cleared up so i went back to the doctors and had another urine test which also came back clear.
    The dull ache woke me up around 2 this morning and i decided to check for lumps etc, I was shocked to find a small lump attached to my right testicle not far from the epididymis.
    The thing is i've checked for lumps in the past but to be honest i've not been very thorough and the lump could have been there for some time.
    I will be paying the doctor another visit today but this has got me really worried/confused as all the symptoms point towards T.C.

    Is it possible that the symptoms are urine infection related and not T.C?

    Also if the doctor refers me to a Urologist what sort of wait is normal in the U.k before i get to see one? I know this sounds impatient but now i've discovered the lump i wan't answers.

    Thks in advance Jonny

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    Click here for information on testicular lumps, which certainly can be caused by infection, as well as by cancer. Let us know what you hear from your doctor today.
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      From what others in the UK post it seems that there is a wait to see specialists. There are a lot of things it can be other than TC. That said, you are wise to follow up on it. While you wait to see a urologist, perhaps your GP can at least order a testicular ultrasound and perhaps even blood tests for TC markers: AFP, betaHCG and LDH. This way by the time you see a urologist you may have some results for him/her to look at. There is another site that is a great resource. Good luck!
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        Jonny, if your GP thinks it's anything to worry about, he/she will probably refer you to a radiologer first for an ultra-sound scan. For testicular lumps in the UK, the waiting time should be maximum two weeks for the scan, so if you are told that it will take longer I would challenge them for not following national policy (I was told six weeks before I knew the above and decided to have the scan done privately which costs around £100). The scan should give a good indication of what the lump is.

        I have Testicular Cancer and before I was diagnosed, I did have an infection in the testicle where the lump was found. Both my GP and my Oncologist have said that there no evidence of infections being responsible for tesiticular cancer cases.