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Have i got T.c?

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  • Have i got T.c?

    I have had a lump on my right testicle for about a year, but i looked on the internet for more info and it said that it is mainly a lump on the sides or the front i have a lump on the BOTTOM of my right testicle is it cancer or is it something i should be worried about ?? please help.

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    The testicles are like any oyher organ of the body and if an organ has a lump it should be checked. It's probably a cyst but get checked and make sure. Follow the link for more info
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      Ok Thanks, also what is a cyst?

      Also is it possible for it to be cancer if it is on the bottom of your testicle?


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        I would definitely get it checked out. It will only benefit you by playing it safe. The lump on my testicle was towards the bottom.

        Let us know what happens.

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          I read the same information of the internet, and it may have delayed my treatment, because it put my mind at rest that if the lump was at the bottom everything was OK.

          Whereas they may more commonly apprear on the front or side of the testicle, they do also occur on the bottom because mine did too. If you read the rest of the advice you should get yourself checked out for any hardness or change etc.

          It maybe nothing - but get yourself checked out to be on the safe side.
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            ok thanks alot guys any more info would be great i am going to go to the doctors tomorrow to have it checked out.

            Also what else "could" it be if i wasnt cancer?