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  • Vein?

    I just had a little bit of pain in the general groin area, more up and down my leg I've got Pethes which is kind of chronic hip pain, I checked out my testicles, and I noticed a vein type thing, kind of towards the bottom of my testicle. There is a large vein connecting the testicle right? Just making sure.

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    I suspect what you're feeling it the epididymis rather that a vein. You should be able to feel the epididymis on each testicle, it carries the sperm away from the testicle. What you want to check for are lumps that are attached to (part of) the testicle, or if the texture changes. For example if the testicle begins to feel harder, it could indicate a lump deeper in the tissue. With both of my tumors, I could not feel a discrete lump on the testicle, but I did notice that part of it was harder than the surrounding tissue.
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      thanks for the reply, yeah, I kind of spazzed when I felt that. Anways, I think I might have just pulled my groin doing bicycle kicks on my bed, but I check anyway, better safe than sorry. Thanks for the reply.