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  • Concerned and scared

    I am a 26 year old male. And I started to feel a heaviness in my left testicle last tuesday. I really cant find any lumps except for the top part of the testicle where the epidimysis is. It seems like the same type of bump on my right testicle. Now the last few days the heaviness went away and it turned into a dull aching feeling right where the epidimysis is. Also, I have some minor back pain in the lower portion of my back right where the back meets the tailbone. Has anyone ever had any of these symptoms and it wasnt cancer? Possibly something else? Please comment thanks! Pete

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    Have an appointment tomorrow at 230pm.. let everyone know how it went.


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      Pete, I'm glad to hear you have an appointment made. We'll look for good news tomorrow.
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        You would be shocked how many people visit this site with the same symptoms as you and don't have cancer. The heaviness in the testicle needs to be checked but I wouldn't worry much about the back pain.
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          Good News! No testicle cancer. Supposedly i just twisted it a little bit. Something with the top part of the epidimysis being pulled a little bit thats causing me the pain. The doctor said it should be gone with in the next week. Thank god! Thanks everyone for your support!