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    Since I could remember I've had a paranoia of getting tc. I was born with complications including an under developed urethra that had to be corrected surgically and later the movement of my "pee hole." For the longest time the left side of my scrotum has hung lower than the right and within the left side I've always felt a gushy mashed area of my left testicle. I do not know if this is from being kicked in the balls too many times, something more serious, or just me not knowing how the epidydimis should feel like. I have also had a case of asthma since I was younger and I am also quite over-weight for my age, which makes me wonder if the shortness of breath and chest pain symptoms are just asthma related. This all might sound like a huge case of hypocondria but I do not know what is going on. I am afraid to see a doctor because I fear finding out that I actually do have cancer. Maybe I've blown everything out of proportion but I would just like someone to tell me if they know of any simple solution. The only thing wrong I feel inside my scrotum is this squished, soft, veiny clump attached to my left testicle... Shine some light on my situation if you can. THANKS.

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    What you are feeling inside your scrotum is normal, I wouldn't worry about tc. From what you wrote it does seem that you may have some health issues which a doctor should address.
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      I agree. It sounds as though you haven't seen a doctor in a while, so it's probably time for a physical examination. The chances that you have testicular cancer are minimal.
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        thanks much guys.