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    I am a 24 yr old male. Since I was 18 yrs old I've had random episodes of pain around my left testicle. I had played baseball since I was 5 yrs old, playing catcher for 10 of those 13 years, and was still playing when the pains started so I thought it was from taking hits to the groin, which was pretty common. But the pains continued after I graduated high school and was no longer playing sports. I grew concerned and asked my father about it and he said that it was probably some torsion going on. He had problems with it when he was a younger man and told me to grit my teeth and straighten it out, which actually seemed to help. Since I saw the Tom Green special about his battle with TC I have been scared to death that it could be the cause of my pain. But, instead of going to the doctor I just ignored it, hoping it would go away. It never has.

    In May of 2005 I started experiencing some mild pain and discomfort in my lower left abdomen/pelvic region and my lower left back after doing some strenuous landscaping work. My parents and everyone else told me it was just some pulled muscles and not to worry about it. But the pain and discomfort lasted for over a month. This is all happening on my left side, the side that the testicle pain occurs.

    In June of 2005 I finally got tired of worrying about it and went to see a Doctor. He examined me and said I was fine, not to worry. I felt like I was getting brushed off as a hypochondriac so I saw a different doctor. I demanded a complete physical. He examined me and did some blood tests and a urine test. The tests all came back good and he told me I was fine. I still experienced pains and went back to a 3rd doctor in September. After I told him my symptoms he told me it sounded like a Varicocele (sp?) and then he examined me. He said it felt like I had a hernia that I should have the surgeon look at. He also scheduled me an ultrasound on my scrotum just to "give me piece of mind."

    After I did the ultrasound, I discovered that there was a small bump on my left testicle next to the epididymas. It felt like it was not attached to the epididymas but to the testicle itself. Also, I could not feel it all the time, just every now and then I could feel it, then later it would be gone. The results came back and his nurse told me I had an epididymal cyst on the left testicle and that it would take care of itself over time.

    I saw the surgeon in October about the possibility of me having a hernia. He talked to me about the ultrasound and the results. I told him that the nurse said I had a cyst. He said he didnt see one when looking at the results, but saw a hydrocele on top of my left testicle. So now I have 2 conflicting diagnoses. I tell him about the bump I can sometimes feel and also about the pains in my abdomen and back. He examines me and says he cant feel anything, not even an indication of a hernia. He asks me to come back in a month to check again for a hernia just to be sure. I go back for another exam and he still finds nothing. I ask him if he can feel a bump on my left testicle, which I still feel from time to time, and he says no. He thinks I am feeling the epididymas but I really dont think thats it. He tells me to stop worrying about TC, that there were no signs of it and no signs of a hernia so Im cleared from seeing him again. He suggests I see a urologist if I keep having the testicular pains. He tells me to wait until the New year to see if the ab and back pains get any better, and if not I should get a CT scan done.

    I saw the only local Uroligist 3 weeks later. He talks to me about the Ultrasound and says he didnt see anything wrong at all, and literally laughed about the surgeon's thoughts of me having a hydrocele. He said the fluid was normal. He also said he didnt see anything wrong. I told him about the bump and he exmined me and said he couldnt feel anything. Told me about a few possibilities that might be causing the episodes of pain, mostly having to do with my anatomy. He doent comment on the ab and back pains. He tells me that he knows I dont have cancer and to stop worrying.

    So now I have 3 different diagnoses and no idea which one to believe so I look at it this way...all 5 of the doctors I saw said at least one thing in common, that I didnt have TC and to stop worrying. So I decide to let it go and just deal with any pain episodes I experience from then on. I am still having some pains in my abdomen and back from time to time.

    The pains in my abdomen and back persist through January 2006. I call the surgeon back and he sets me up an appointment to see the first doctor I saw about the testicle pains. The doctor said that 7 months is typically too long to have pains due to muscle injury and orders an upper and lower CT scan. I have it and another blood test done the first of February. The doctor's nurse calls me back a few days later and simply says "everything was fine," and that was it.

    I am still having testicle pains from time to time. The pains still seem to come on after physical activity, especially after bending over a lot. I can still ocassionally feel the bump on my left testicle. The ab and back pains have eased up considerably but still bother me occassionally. I am not 100% convinced that I am clear of TC. I got 3 different diagnoses from 3 different doctors for the ultrasound, and the "everything is fine" statement from the CT scan certainly didnt provide any answers for me. Is it possible that something wasnt seen or didnt show up on the CT scan or Ultrasound? I am terrified that the doctors and my family members didnt take me seriously and made it all out to be that I overreacted. When the testicle pains start up it really affects my way of life, me being a physical person. I feel like it controls my life and that I must constantly guard myself from letting the pains start by not doing anything physical. Im not sure what I should do at this point. Just accept the doctors' advice and not worry about it or should I pursue more medical advise?