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  • smaller?

    do the testis normally get smaller when u have tc.i've had pain for a couple months now, there is a lump but it seems to be connected to the epydidimus, but i always read how the testis get larger, not me.i feels kinda worse then b4, but its different everyday. somone please answer

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    Yes, in some cases the testicle can actually become smaller, or atrophied, with TC. Anytime you have pain or feel anything unusual you should get it checked out....preferably by a urologist, and sooner rather than later. TC is relatively rare but highly curable so don't delay, for peace of mind if for nothing else. Check out this site and read up about self exams, what you should feel and what you shouldn't. A lot of guys find somehting, get worried and rather than just picking up the phone for an appointment keep checking themselves daily and agonizing over symptoms, real or perceived. Please don't do that, it's become my new pet peeve, over people driving with their turn signal on for 50 miles. Get an appointment, insist on an ultrasound, and let us know how it turns out. This is a great support and information site...glad you found it!
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      When in doubt.......Go see a Doctor!!!!!!!
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        well i forgot to say that i already went to the doctor to get it checked out, it was in january,he said that there was nothing wrong, but i really think that there is. Do doctors ever mis-diagnose things like TC? i kinda feel like it may be spreading, do you actually 'feel' that? please answer!


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          What tests did the doctor do? If you had an ultrasound and blood work done and they came back clean you're ok.
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            Originally posted by dadmo
            What tests did the doctor do? If you had an ultrasound and blood work done and they came back clean you're ok.
            he looked at them at almost immediatly said thier ok, then i did urine test and blood test,


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              Did you go to a urologist or your family doctor? If you did not got to a urologist you should try to make an appointment. Your blood work should also include tumor markers -- AFP, beta-HCG and maybe LDH -- these compound are generally only made by cancer cells.

              If your lump is not attached to/or part of the testicle, then it's probably not cancer. It may be an epididymal cyst. As Karen and Dadmo said, an ultrasound would tell you for sure what it is. But if your testicle is actually getting smaller, even though it's probably not cancer either, you should still get checked as it could be some type of viral infection. For examples the mumps virus can attack the testicles.

              You probably can't "feel" the TC spreading, even in advanced cases, symptoms are often vague and similar to other conditions.

              But if you don't feel normal, keep bugging the doctors, it is what we pay them for.

              Best wishes,

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