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    hi, i have just found a lump on my left testical towards the back its about the size of pea and im becoming quite worried. im 21 slightly over wieght, and smoke about 20 fags a day.i dont feel any pain or discomfort and no one in my family has ever had cancer, to my knoledge. the truth is i have not got the biggest manhood and that is making it very hard for me to go to the drs, is there any other symtoms i should be looking for, if not and it is tc how long will i be ok befor it gets seriouse

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    Let me tell you what the doctor told me, we wait too long because we just think it is nothing. This is one of the cancers that is close to 100% cure rate, don't wait just call the doctor get in there and talk to the doctor and he will take a look. He or she will be much happier that you have the guts to come in now rather then when the pain gets bad (like me). Just make the call tell the nice person that takes that call what you have going on and they will have you in there ASAP if not call another doctor. If you have question I will be glad to tell you my last 10 days which went from doctor to doctor to surgery in 3 days and back to work tomorrow. There are a lot of things it could be so no need to wait. Keep us posted and good luck.
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      IowaBrian is spot on with his advice. Don't delay a visit to the doctor. You may want to do some reading at to gain insight on a proper testiclular self exam and anatomy, as well as other causes for lumps. Good luck (and try to stop smoking....nasty stuff that is a known risk factor for a host of cancers).
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        Originally posted by richard22
        the truth is i have not got the biggest manhood and that is making it very hard for me to go to the drs
        Another truth is that the doctor couldn't care less about that!
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          About your manhood.

          There are lots of guys (like me) who are "growers, not showers." So when we go to the doc, we have a shriveled-up little pee pee. None of them seem to care. I've even had female docs and nurses... no one ever even blinks an eye.