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wondering about old cyst

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  • wondering about old cyst

    hi everyone, a while back maybe around september/october i had a scare with tc, went to the doc, got an ultrasound and everything, and all said and done they just said i had a cyst. good news there. The thing thats bothering me is the cyst hasent gone away. I dont remember clearly, but i think the doctor said that it may or may not go away.

    I was wondering if any of yall know if a diagnosed cyst can later turn into cancer, simply stay there dormant, or if it should go away?

    thank you so much!

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    Was is a spermatocele? Cysts are not associated with cancer and may or may not go away. They are generally left alone unless they cause you discomfort then they can be aspitated or removed surgically. I don't think you need to be concerned, but I'd suggest a quick call to your doctor to ask him to explain your results and if and when you need to have it checked again. Just for peace of mind......
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