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Not "pea-sized" lump BUT...

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  • MJR
    Hi Morningafter.

    Glad to see you're already on your way to having this looked at. I personally don't recall anyone who had been diagnosed with TC as having first discovered a rice-sized/shaped lump. Most have described it as pea-sized for a reason, although I don't think it necessarily has to be round. For me, shape didn't matter so much as did size. What had started off as a small lump quickly swelled up to nearly the size of a racquetball, accompanied by a tolerable, slightly uncomfortable, dull ache.

    As I tell most people, a very large majority of lumps and bumps are not TC, and while it's always smart to have it looked at by a doctor asap, I wouldn't get too worked up about it until something more than just the lump itself gives further cause for concern.

    Let us know how your visit goes. Best of luck.

    ~ Mike

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  • morningafter999
    started a topic Not "pea-sized" lump BUT...

    Not "pea-sized" lump BUT...

    I want to preface this post with this: I already have an appointment for a physical at the end of the month, which I will bring up my current worry about my testicle.

    Now for some detail. I noticed a hard, small, rice-grain sized hump that doesn't feel "round" like a pea, nor does it feel as big as one either. But it obviously is causing me worry. The hump (I call it a hump because it doesn't protrude like a lump sounds like it does) is on the middle-left side of my left testicle. basically where the period is in this little "diagram"----> ( .) assuming you are looking at it from in front of me. Anyway, I had a few questions I have been searching for answers to.

    1. When they say "pea-sized" is it literally roundish and does it actually protrude to the extent that you can see the lump through your scrotum? Like is it actually the sized of a pea from a can?

    2. Since my hump feels like a small grain of rice, it is more of an elongated shape than a round pea. Has anyone had this experience with my description?

    Any information/replies would be greatly appreciated. Again, I am already slated to get a physical and will be bringing up the issue to the physician. Thanks in advance.