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  • Concerned... seeking ease of mind

    I know this is sort of a repetitive thing for you guys but im sure some of you guys know exactly what TC is. Also, don't worry, I have made a doctors appointment already, I just would like to ease my mind a bit about this.

    I've already gone to the doctors before about a week ago because I was concerned about the veins on the left side of my scrotum. I thought it was varicocele, but the doctor said it's perfectly normal, they're not really that big, I can juse feel them there.

    What my main concern is here, I've found two lumps, one on my right testicle, and one of my left testicle, both are basically on top, more inside of the scrotum. Both of them move and are not hard, they're both squishy. They also both seem like they're connected to a vein or something because they're not perfect round shape bumps and they defintely move around abit so I don't think they're are attached. Maybe this is apart of my scrotum or epididymis? Or maybe they're just cysts?

    Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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    Hello and Welcome
    If you click on the button at the top left of the screen it will take you to the main screen there is some good reading on self exam, anatomy and signs and symptoms. Or just wait a couple hours and you will get more replys from the long time members like Scott and dadmo to name a few.
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      The fact that the lumps are not hard is a good sign. My guess is a cyst but you did the right thing calling a doctor. Good luck with the exam and let us know what the doctor says.
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        I agree with Dadmo, a cyst is a good bet. With TC the lumps that are felt are part of the testicle.

        Good luck with the exam.
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          I want to thank you guys so much for your time and input. One last thing to bother you guys with if you would... I've been doing heavy research on this as I would assume many people do that think they have it.

          I've found this:

          What I feel seems exactly like those little lump things at the top and they feel like they are connected to a vein like structure because I can't really get behind the lump persay. They are in the same exact same spot on each testicle. What do you think?