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Is it TC or am I paranoid?

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  • dadmo
    I don't think you have anything to worry about but check this site to learn how to do a self exam. It sounds like you have a Varicocele, check out this link Make sure you vivit your doctor and let us know what he says.

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  • My_Name_Here
    started a topic Is it TC or am I paranoid?

    Is it TC or am I paranoid?

    I am 18 & recently have been getting pains in both my testicles, sometimes a dull aching pain that comes & goes every few seconds & sometimes pain when I walk or run & sometimes a burning or painful sensation in the pubic region also. I wasnt too worried because I'm always getting pains here & there, but then I found this lump oan my left testicle & my testicle seems to have gotten a little bit bigger. Although I'm not exactly sure it is bigger than it was before as I seem to remember it always being bigger but not this big I don't think. The lump on my testicle seems to be much easier to find when I lie down, but this could be because of the what feels like a cluster of vains in my scrotum, which makes it harder to find. It isnt a lump that points up like a spot or anything it feels long like a straight line along the testicle, it's hard, but not thick, it is attached to my left testicle. I will probably see the doctor over the next 2-3 weeks as that's the only time I can get an appiontment, if I'm lucky that is. Does this sound like TC? Like I mentioned before, I also have this big vain in my left part of the scrotum(also in my right but smaller) which feels like a bunch of vains that are not attached to my testicle but seem cluesterd together in the scrotum & I can see it in my scrotum the colour of it kind of blue black & it moves. It isnt a line but like a bunch of vains joines togither, but I always remember having that since I was a kid. Well being able to feel it that is not seeing it like this. I can only see the vain in the left part of my scrotum not my right, but can feel the one in my right which is much smaller than the one in my left. My left testicle feels like it is hanging very low, like it's dropped even more. Sorry if this is a rabble but I don't know what exactly to say as more keeps comming to me as I type.

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