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Do I have testicular cancer?!

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  • Do I have testicular cancer?!

    Hi, I noticed that I have 2 lumps in my epidydimus, I know this because they are not attached to the testicle itself. I have had these for about 6 months. A few days ago I noticed that I have a small (like a little bigger than a head of a pin) ON the top of my left teste.. It is not swollen at all. Actually the right is bigger(always has been) I don't really have pain in my lower back or abdomen(I have a little bit but I have a problem with my flat feet that I go to a chiroqpractor) when I squeeze the small bump it hurts really bad and sends like a shoot of pain up to my left side.. I have been really worried about it. Have I waited too long? I feel that I get this weird feeling in my throat. Maybe it's just anxiety? And I have really bad allergies so I get dizzy sometimes when I stand up.. I plan on going to the doctors. Could this be like a cyst or something?!?!! Or the appendix of the testicle or epydiditus? I am a virgin and 13 years old.. Someone please help.. I plan on going to the doctors next week. The bump is somewhat hard to locate and I can not put a finger between it, bit I can somewhat use the tip of my index finger and thumb and squeeze it and it causes pain when I do that. One last thing, my epydiditus feels sort of swollen or kinda like a bag of worms compared to the other one. Someone please rely I am driving myself crazy

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    If it is on the epididymis, then probably is nothing.

    But instead of getting crazy, just visit a doctor.

    There is nothing better than a doctor saying that you have just a cyst.

    Visit him/her as soon as possible.