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vein like lump on testicle

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  • vein like lump on testicle

    There is this vein-like lump near the end of my right testicle. It feels as if it extends from the epididymis, and end at about the middle of the side of the testicle. I am pretty sure about where one of the tips end since I can feel it, but can't seem to find the other end so I am assuming that it connects back to the epididymis. And I can only find one of this, which is to the side of my leg. Should such thing be on the testicle? I did some research on the internet and found out that testicular cancer lumps are pea shaped and on the sides. If yes, then what is this?? I am really concerned, someone please respond.

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    it doesn't sound too serious, but i think should you should get it checked.