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to worry or not to worry?

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  • to worry or not to worry?

    hiya, im new here to all this but i would like some advice if thats possible please.

    a m8 of mine resently told me he had benign testicular cancer and ever since it seems like i notice myself more.

    anyway i know my right testicle is larger than the right but that means nothing becuase i hear that 1 is larger anyway, weird when i havnt really felt before!

    but anyway i work on a checkout which means sitting down for several hours but over the past week i have been feeling twinges in what seems to be the testicle, also its hard to explain but its like air exploding causing that pain if you get me?? its not long its just a shaarp second or so, but i can notice it quite a few times during the day.

    i think i noticed a day or so of this similar twinges a month or 2 back but never paid too much notice. but seems to be lasting longer this time.

    i really hope it is nothing to worry about, and hope i dont have to see a doctor as i dont have one really!

    any advice as to what this could 'possibly' be please

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    Pain in the testicle isn't usually a sign of cancer. You might have a simple strain, I would get checked by a doctor but testicular cancer seems very unlikely. The usual symptom is that the testicle just feels heavy as opposed to not usually noticing anything.
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      Originally posted by montuiiri
      a m8 of mine resently told me he had benign testicular cancer...
      Sorry, I don't follow. Benign tumors aren't cancer.
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        to worry or not to worry

        yes i know benign isnt cancer(sorry i worded it wrong, should have put a benign tumour maybe), but for him it could quite easily have been, but what i mean is since he mentioned it i have noticed myself more. it might be imagination maybe but i just wondered if them like short shooting pain might be to worry about.

        i think that dadmo you might have a point about a strain as the week before i did do 5hours of shelf work which mean lifting boxes of beer and alcohol to put on the shelves which i dont normally do, maybe something in common.

        thanks anyway.

        Will (21)