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I'm kinda confused.. and a little scared

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  • I'm kinda confused.. and a little scared

    I'm only 15.. just turned back in feb but for a long time on one of my testicles(s?) there is what seems to be a growth/lump and I'm really super 200% overly embaressed to even mention it to anyone.. and it's been awhile since I've even had a physical (or reason to have one) where I could have mentioned something to the doctor.. it's really kinda worried me I mean thats really all it is though is a lump I haven't really noticed any type of size change and not really any pain or anything :\... the only reason I even care about my health is because I have plans for the military one day *shrug* I don't want my life ruined because of something such as this... I'm kinda scared
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    Any lump on the testicle need to be checked out. While a family doctor can do an initial workup, a urologist has more expertise in this area.

    There is nothing to be embarrassed about. These doctors have most likely seen thousands of patients and are only interested in your health.

    Please make an appointment ASAP, and let us know what happens.

    Good luck,

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      While growing up, turning a year older is reason enough to have a physical examination. What you're feeling may be completely normal, but it's best to have it checked.
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        And don't be scared. You need to face these things head on. It's tough but it's always the best way to handle things. You'll have to do so in the military.