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    Hello. About three months ago, just by chance, I noticed a very small bump toward the back of my right testicle. It is only a couple of millimeters in size and is round and painless. It's on the teste itself, and is of, what I would consider, a somewhat rubbery consistency. There's been no increase in size, and I haven't experienced any swelling or unusual back or abdominal pains.

    Over the past week or so, I've done a lot of reading on testicular cancer and have become very concerned. I've decided that I will most likely forego seeing a general practitioner and, instead, see a urologist. I plan on making an appointment tomorrow.

    I'd value any opinions.


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    I think you're wise to see the doctor, lumps on the testicle are not necessarily cancer, but they should always be check out. It sounds like whatever you found is still very small and that's a good thing. A urologist is probably the best choice.

    Good luck,

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      I agree with Fish get into the doc if the Uro can't see you soon get to your family doctor he can order the same test the Uro is going to order (ultra sound) and if something does come back he can call and get you in ASAP and if he doesn't get you in ASAP find another doctor. Every doc and nurse since they found my cancer has stated "the sun never sets on testicular cancer"(or any cancer) I waited way too long and was lucky, TRUST ME they want to check it out sooner then later.
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        I made an appointment to see a urologist yesterday. I took some calling around, but I found one who would see me early in the coming week (Tuesday).

        I have started to feel some mild discomfort in the region of the testicle over the past few days, but I've also been checking myself frequently lately (I must have spent a good ten minutes Wednesday night). All of the "feeling around" my have something to do with it, but I guess I won't have a definite answer until next week.

        For now I'm just trying to keep a positive mindset and focus on dealing with whatever comes like a man.


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          Good luck with appiontment and keep us posted.. I would agree that you are probably feeling abnormal pain due to frequent self inspection.. Evertime you think of it you probably check yourself.. Very good chance you just have a small cyst,infection or calcium deposit............. DON
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            I had my appointment with the urologist earlier this afternoon. Since it's small and in back of the testicle, he had trouble locating it at first. After I showed him where it was, and he felt it, he seemed confident that it was a small cyst. He said that it would've increased in size over the past few months if it was cancer. Still, he told me to keep an eye out for any new growth or pain in the area, and scheduled a follow-up visit for early August.

            It looks like your post was more or less right on, Don, so thank you. Reading that actually made me a little less nervous.

            Thanks, as well, Fish and IowaBrian for your feedback. My awareness has really increased since finding this site.

            Hopefully I won't have any new symptoms to discuss with the urologist in August, but if there are, I probably won't wait that long.