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Possibility of cancer?

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  • Possibility of cancer?

    A good few months back now, probably mid-last year, I found a lump on my left testicle and had it checked by the doctor about a week later. He said it was probably a "something" cyst (I can't remember what he called it exactly).

    Anyway, after playing football (soccer) about 3 weeks ago, this lump, which hadn't caused me any problems at all before, was quite painful and just about doubled in size during this period. So I went to the doctor again and he said its probably just a cyst but hes booked me in for an ultrasound scan which is in a week on friday. As well as this, he prescribed me a month's antibiotics for an acne outbreak that I have just had. Since seeing the doctor, about 2 weeks ago, the lump has decreased in size from it's larger, painful state and also to a slightly smaller size than before (which I am thinking may be due to the antibiotics). Also, I have noticed that after feeling the lump for a minute or so, it feels a little more prominent but the next day it will feel smaller again.

    So, I guess my question is are these characteristics of testicular cancer or something else?

    Oh, forgot to mention, I'm 18, by the way.


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    If you're on antibiotics and it's changing size then it's probably not cancer but definitely get it checked out.
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      Hello and Welcome

      I asked the doctor sort of your question right before my surgery as it seemed like my lump was smaller and not as painful before surgery. He stated that the tumor in my case can change a little from day to day or week to week depending on what is going on in or with the tumor. He said things like blood supply might get restricted for a short period and then it might find a new supply and change a little again. He also stated that it might have some areas that have died causing yet another difference in the lump. So I think a safe answer is yes it could change a little but it sounds like your doctor feels it is a cyst which could explain what is going on. The ultrasound will tell them for sure if it is a cyst or a more tumor like lump. The odds are it is not cancer which is the GOOD news. Let us know what they say.
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        Definitely follow through on the ultrasound. I suspect it will confirm the doctor's suspicion that it's a cyst, but it's the best way to be sure. Good luck!
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          Thought I'd follow this up with the result...

          Had my scan on Friday and all is normal. The radiologist couldn't even find the cyst as it seems the antibiotics have gotten rid of it. Just glad I can get on with things now without TC always in the back of my mind.

          Thanks a lot for your replies and good luck to all of you, TC or no TC.


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            Congratulations on your good report. Now, take just one thing your promised to do if you were ok and do it. liveSTRONG. We are here for you in the future if you should ever need us.
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