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    I went to the doctor finally after having my second bout of testicle pain/swelling mostly at the epididymis. First time it happened it went away soon but thought I should have it checked out. Also have some slightly swollen lymph nodes around the area. He checked it out and told me that TC is usually not painful and I would have lost weight(when I have gained weight) and not to worry about it. He put me on antibiotics and the pain lessened but finishing them tomorrow it is about the same again. He told me it was just epididymitis and to just rest. Most stuff I read says the epididymis area is unlikely to have TC begin but figure I should maybe go see a urologist? Thanks

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    Hello Buck,

    Welcome!!! You might want to ask your doctor about the possibility of getting an ultrasound done first. They would be able to tell from that what is going on. Off course, seeing an urologist isn't a bad idea either if it helps give you some piece of mind.

    If you are having any doubts, then get it checked out for sure!!! Best of luck to you and I hope that it all works out!!!

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      I don't know about making a diagnosis based on weight gain or loss, but chances are excellent that it really isn't cancer. However, since the symptoms are continuing, seeing a urologist is a good idea.
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        If the meds don't work then I could ask the doctor to prescribe an Ultrasound ... Best of Luck
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          Thanks for the words...I am in clinics right now for x-ray school so knowing a lot about it has gotten my wife thinking it is all in my head. I agree Scott that the weight loss/gain is not a good indicator. Only other symptom other than the swollen/tender lymph nodes is lower abdominal cramping which seemed to coincide with the antibiotic/gassiness from the antibiotic. It was my first time to this doctor as I just moved to Indy and didnt really know what to think about him. It seems to be feeling better today but still tender to the touch and nodes still swollen and still the small bump on/very close to the epi. Am planning on calling his office tomorrow to see if he can just prescribe an ultrasound or stronger antibiotic for me without having to come in because I cant miss another day of clinic to just have that done since he has already done an exam. I had a chest x-ray done for some chest pain I had been having that was normal as well recently. Thats all I want is some peace of mind. The pain is not so bad that I couldn't live with it, but would like to r/o TC if possible just to ease things.
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