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lump above testicle

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  • lump above testicle

    i am 13 years old and i have a lump above my right testicle. Its not ON it but above it, but yet i think its still attached. I can seperate the two by moving it around but i cannot completely seperate them, it seems that something is attaching them. This lump is about 2x bigger than the size of a pea and im pretty sure i noticed it about a month ago. Im pretty sure that i feel an absent kind of ache there, but maybe its just in my head. I dont know what this is and any help would be appreciated.

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    The fact that the lump and the testicle doesn't seem to be firmly attached is a good sign.

    However, just to be sure, I still think you should tell your parents about it and get it checked out at your GP. I'm glad you decided to post here and do something about your concerns, and I'm sure your parents will feel the same way if you tell them.

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