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  • Not sure what to think

    Dear all,

    Lately, I have noticed that the epididymis tail on my left testicle seems to almost be swelling in a way. It seems as though it is more disconnected from the testicle than it is on my right one, and feels more lumpy. There is no pain when I touch it, but sometimes now and then it will ache for a while, only on the left. The left hangs lower than the right and only seems to ache when I've been sat for a while now and then... Not sure what it could be, I have read its not TC if its not directly attached to the testicle, but it doesnt feel exactly healthy. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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    Similar epididymus problem

    I have a similar thing going on with the tail end of the left epididymus being enlarged. I had an ultrasound done and it said, "In the expected location of the left epididymal tail, there is a 2.4 x 1.5 x 1 cm area of enlargement with multiple echogenic foci.This is the area of the palpable mass as reported by the patient."

    Then under "Impression"

    "Left epididymal tail enlargement with likely dystrophic calcifications. This may be related to remote trauma although patient does not recall such an event. The differential also includes granulomatous changes or an extratesticular tumor (e.g., adenomatoid tumor, fibrous pseudotumor, or less commonly metastatic disease)."

    My doctor said it doesn't look like cancer but he can't be sure so I'm seeing a urologist tomorrow.


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      Thanks for the reply! After a little more research a discovered it may be a varicocele or something... What did the urologist say?

      Remote trauma... Could that mean like a blow to the nuts or something? As I can remember taking a few, one making me hit the deck... My left has always hung lower than my right so could well have taken more of an impact


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        The urologist felt the area and did an ultrasound and showed me what looked like a round black area the size of a large pea. He told me it was a cyst. I asked him what the solid part of it was and he said it was likely due to past trauma. He said it was definitely NOT cancer. He said he's seen hundreds of lumps like this and he's sure it's not cancer. He also looked at the ultrasounds which I brought with me on a CD and it confirmed his diagnosis. He said if it gets bigger to the point of being uncomfortable, he could excise it out in 10 minutes at a cost of $2,000. He'd just cut out the epididymus.

        So I have been breathing a huge sigh of relief and should have gone a lot earlier. I didn't have insurance and was trying to get answers through the county health care system, but it's a very slow process. He charged me $150 but it was the best $150 I've ever spent. What makes you think yours is a varicocele?


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          doctor or urologist?

          Hey, glad to hear everything is ok! Yeah I agree no amount of money is not worth spending when it comes to your health.

          Well after further investigation I have a very soft painless mass at the bottom of the left testicle, and feels very similar to what a lot of people say a varicocele feels like - a bag if worms'. Only difference is that it is definitely connected to the bottom of the testicle.

          I think that it is also connected to trauma like in your case, that probably led to a varicocele forming... Makes sense in my head, but probably still best to get it checked out... Would you recommend going to the doctor first or straight to the urologist?

          But once again great to hear you cam finally relax!


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            Doc or Urologist?

            I would just go to a urologist. I guess it depends on your health insurance and financial situation, but as far as getting the best answers the fastest, I think a urologist is best. My regular doctor at the clinic sent me to the county hospital for ultrasounds and then referred me to a urologist which I still have not seen or heard from. The private urologist I paid for had an ultrasound unit in the exam room and took a look right then.

            I hope you get an appt. soon so you can get some peace of mind. It's really unnerving to have something growing or abnormal going on with "the boys."