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epididymal cyst question

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  • epididymal cyst question

    I know I could probably find a more appropriate forum to ask this in, but...

    How large and how many epididymal cysts are accepted as normal?

    After getting over TC scare I have been waiting to return to doctor concerning cysts. I have two on the left (one 5.7 cm) which can generate a lot of pain, and just yesterday found what feels like 5 or six 1/4 inch size ones in the epididymis on the right. Now one of the cysts on the left is a multilocular cyst which at the time of exam had three individual divisions/cells.

    This can't be normal. Any advice, opinions or answers are appreciated,

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    My husband has one and it scared us half to death- he was still receiving treatment for TC. His Urologist stated that they flucuate in size and he normally sees them about the size of a golf ball. My husband only has one and he said that they are normal and 30% of men get them. He also stated that you do not need surgey unless they get too painful or bothersome. My husbands is really small- about the size of a raisin and most days you cannot see it. I was just panicked since of the whole TC ordeal. I would get an ultrasound if you are worried about it.