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Hair loss on one testicle

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  • Hair loss on one testicle


    I started experiencing testicle pain about 3 months ago (started suddenly one night). I went to the hospital and they gave me a sonigram and said everything was ok. I went to my regular doctor following that and he gave me an exam and said that everything was ok too. Then I went to a Urologist. He gave me an exam then asked me is I refrain from spilling seed (My religion doesn't allow me to spill seed until I'm married, so I don't masterbate). He said that I either have some semen build up, or a nerve that's acting a bit weird, but nothing to worry about. I still get pain every now and then, but I find that stretching my upper legs makes the pain go away instantly. However, I looked at my testicles yesterday, and It seems that my left testicle doesn't have much hair on it like the right one does. I think It used to. Is this an indication of a problem of some sort? Please help...I need to know. I don't have any hair problems on the rest of my body. I just got done taking doxicyline for a sinus infection, other than that, I'm not on any drugs (prescription or non). I do have nocturnal emissions every now and then, and get erections quite often, so I think everything is working ok. Thanks for the help, I am very worried.


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    Welcome Jason,

    Hair loss on one of the testicles certainly isn't a symptom of testicular cancer. Couldn't tell you what else might be causing it.. but I very much doubt that any diseases having to do with that area could cause it. So I wouldn't worry about that.

    A sonogram is very reliable for detecting testicular cancer, so seing as you've already had that done, it should effectively rule out cancer.

    One cause of the pain you've been feeling could be if you have a varicocele. It's perfectly harmless, but can cause pain sometimes. I know, because I have one myself, which hurt somewhat at first and I still feel a little pain from time to time, but not that much. There's some general information about varicoles here.

    Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, ask away.

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