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  • Found a lump, but...

    A week ago I found a lump my scrotal skin, not on the testicle itself. It's not a pimple, not an STD, or anything like that. It was the size of a bean, then after 3 days it started getting smaller and smaller. Now it's really tiny and seems to be going away. I'm guessing if it goes away completely it was probably a cyst?

    I should also note when I got this it was a week after I got a new chair at work. Everyday for a week I was a lot of pain sitting in the chair, it would pinch the skin of my testicles and often times I was so busy I could not readjust so I just dealt with the pain. The lump is in the same spot my skin was being pinched. Could that have formed some kind of cyst?

    My big question is, if you have a lump, it gets smaller, then goes away, can it STILL be a possible sign of cancer? Or, does it rule out cancer if the lump goes away?

    Edit: I should also say, the lump is inside the scrotal sack, just under the skin. Not on the outside of the skin.


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    Hello and Welcome

    First off it doesn't sound like you have T/C from what the doctor have told me. It could be that you might have Pinched something inside and caused a lump or a cyst and it is just going away like it should. Might be a good time to see the doctor if you haven't been in a while for a check up.. we tend to not go like we should and that get us in a lot of touble... since when we do go we have waited too long and things get harder to treat.
    If you havent done a good self exam click this link
    A good rule of thumb is if it is something that isn't normal get it checked out the doctor will be very happy that you came in to have things checked out and didn't wait 6 months like me.
    Good Luck
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      I agree with IowaBrian that your symptoms do not sound like TC, but you know what? It sounds like you are worrying and worrying always sucks. Seeing your doctor is a small price to pay for peace of mind and a restful night's sleep. You will be glad you made the visit. Take it easy dude!
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