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  • Cancer or not cancer

    In the last few weeks, I have started having pain in my scrotum, on the left side. It comes and goes, yet has been recently more frequent. It's not sharp pain, more of a dull ache. Anway, I investigated and have found that above my left testicle I appear to have a lot more growth and 'veins' if you will. This is also the source of the pain. On my right side, there is much less tubes and and veins. After checking for lumps on both testicles themselves though, I could find none. Any recommendations as to what this could be? Could it be cancerous growth which is not on the testicle, but instead, above it in the veins and tubes etc? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome to the site 1234567891,

    I'm not sure what that would be, but it doesn't sound like tc. Keep in mind though that I'm not a doctor, so the best advice I can tell you is to go and get it checked out. At least that way, you will know for sure whether it is or isn't. All the best!!!

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      Hello and welcome
      The dull pain could be anything from a strained muscle, hernia, infection to a cyst or at worst T/C t/c is very uncomon so the other 4 would be much more likely.
      AS for the growth it is possible that there is a cyst or a number of cyst which could be what you are feeling. If the pain isn't due to a specific injury and doesn't go away right away, or comes and goes it is a VERY good idea to get to your doctor to have they take a look to be on the safe side. I waited, had pain in the groin for over 6 months that just came and went then it got much worse. Do yourself a favor and see the doctor.
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