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    Hi All,

    I hope someone can shed some light for me, this is all very new to me. Last December, I went for an annual physical with a new Doctor (the old one retired) he did the usual and said that my left testicle was much larger than the right and gave me a prescription for a ultrasound.

    I sort of blew it off, not thinking anything of it till April of this year. At that time I felt something very weird which I had never noticed before. It sort of felt like a vein had come loose. In doing my research on the web, I thought it was probably a varicocele.

    At any rate, I was very embarassed to go for a sonogram. I called several Urologists thinking that they might have the machine in their office, eliminating the need to go to a Hospital or testing center. I made an appointment and went in to see him.

    He checked everything and said that while the left was bigger, it wasn't anything out of the norm. He did say, just to be safe go in for the ultrasound which I did.

    Went in for the ultrasound without event. When I went in for the results the Urologist told me that they found something on the right testicle. In reading the ultrasound test results, it says for the right testicle "There is a hypodense lesion in the dependent portion of the right testicle and measuring 1.2 cm at it's greatest flm diamter. This is poorly vascularized. It also says There is a testicular infiltrate on the patient's right side in the lower portion of the testicle. These in significant vascularization of this lesion noted.

    The Urologist sent me for blood work to look for cancer markers and and MRI. In doing my own research on the web, I find that and MRI is rare and most follow ups are CT scans. Can anyone guess why? Also, is a hypodense lesion a medical term for tumor?

    Many thanks

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    2nd Question

    Well, my wife went to pick up the results of the MRI and she tells me that it says that it doesn't look like a tumor. It said something about a subcapsular abnormality. Whatever that means. I have a Dr appt today at 130. The waiting is killing me.


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      That's certainly good that you don't have a tumor. At least testicular cancer isn't going to be an issue. Good luck at the Doc's later. The waiting is always the worst.
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        Hello and welcome
        I think if the doctor thought it was cancer he would have set you up for surgery to take it out ASAP.
        Don't worry yet there are a lot of things it could be most all of them are NOT cancer.
        Make sure if you have questions to write them down so you don't forget when you are in there. If you go to the TC cancer link at the top of the page there are question that you can ask your doctor. Having your wife go with you is a great idea to make sure all questions are answered. Good Luck
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          Thanks for your help guys. To say the past week or so has been stressful would be an enormous understatement.

          My sister went through and won a bout with breast cancer 5 years ago at 35, I'm 37 now and have been thinking the worst.


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            i hope all turns out well for you. stay on top of doing self exams even after the big sigh of relief is gone!!!
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