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  • Lump.

    I'm 18, think I might have TC.

    My left testicle has always been very noticably bigger than the right, im hoping that's normal after reading about it, although resources say one is "somewhat larger", mine is quite a bit larger.

    Anyways... My left testicle also has a lump on the left of it, exactly like a small second testi growing off of it, it seems to be totaly attatched and doesn't float around. It feels somewhat squishier than the testicle ( I hope im not giving anyone undesirable images) I can't really see it, but it feels about as big as a small jelly bean. I have no other symptoms, besides a few years ago one of my testicles was hurting, but I forgot which one it was.

    Of course, im freaked out (points to name) and wanting to go to the doc to get it checked so I can ease my mind, but I also don't feel like having a doctor look at my privates and do stuff to them... Luckily I have already told my parents and it went ok, my dad, who is 45 or something, says he has one too, and he went to the doc about it when he was younger than me but they said it was nothing. Of course I don't know if my dad is just saying this to make me feel better or what, since he is kind of crazy. It's also made me nervous because if his lump is cancer, then I'm probably more subseptible to it, although if his lump is cancer, he has survived for quite a while (i think?). Im just about to graduate too, not to mention my bird has become extremely sick. Everything is going wrong at the worst time possible. Sorry for such a HUGE post...

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    You did the most important thing and told your parents the next thing is to get into the doctor and let him check it out. Trust me, not one person here would say they enjoyed going to the doctor the first time to talk to him about a lump. The good news is the doctor has seen it all before and will be very happy that you were man enough to come in and get it checked out.
    Make sure to check out this link for the self exam info.
    Good luck
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      A soft and squishy lump is most likely going to be a cyst. I think you'll be ok but as Brian said let a doctor check you out. It's really the only way to be sure. If your Father had cancer untreated for 30 years that would be an amazing amount of time so I think his is also a cyst. You said your dad is crazy, and that may be true, but he still went and had his lump checked. Let that part of crazy run in the family. Good luck and keep us posted.
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