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  • Ahh help please

    Ok i am 14 and i have a lumb ish shape on the bottom of my left testical. its noticable after a warm shower. its about the size of 3 bbs. It does not hurt what so ever, but i am awfully dizzy latley. WHat could this be, im scared to tell a parent. I was doing a projecton t.c and did a self examination check and notcied i had a big lump. Im not sure what it is. it looks blue ish. I also do extrem sports and fall and my testicals and awfull lot and one time i puked it hurt for a week. maybey its something occured with that. Plz respon im scared and dont want to tell a parent.

    you guys rock

    sincerly matt

    p.s does having t.c result in a smaller penice if it is not full growen !!

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    Testicular cancer is very rare so what you have probably isn't tc. You will need to tell one of your parents so that you can get it checked. It's a simple and painless test. That's the only way to be sure that it's an injury and not cancer. It sounds like you should consider wearing some form of protection. To answer that last question cancer would not affect the size of your penis.
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      I found it

      Hello, i was just reading some other forums. i found exactly what i Have!!! they called it a bag of worms.Its exactly like that it feels like a few vains. I have noticed tho its getting smaller then bigger i think u replyied super quick thanks


      also can i have more info on this, and its there something i could get froma drug store to help solve this


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        If it felel lika a bag of worms it's most likely a varicocele - "This is a complex of dilated veins which surround the testicle, usually on the left side. Varicoceles occurs in approximately 15% of normal males and are usually not important clinically, unless they are associated with infertility. A varicocele feels like a "bag of worms" surrounding the testicle, and may be accompanied by a constant pulling, dragging, or dull pain in the scrotum. "

        This is a link on teen health that explains things pretty clearly. Bottom line is you really do need an exam by a doc to confirm that's what it really is since we can't diagnose you!!

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