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  • im confused

    im 16 years old and ive had a weird lump in my testicle since as long as i remember but just recently with all this talk about testicular cancer i have begun to worry about it, i dont have any symptoms and it only hurts when i squeeze the lump. its on the top of my right testicle and just the size of a marble ,i beleive it may be a spermatocele because it feels like the diagram looks, i dont wanna tell my parentscos they hav so much on there shoulders at the moment from us losing a close family friend, so im thinking of maybe seeing a doctor on my own steam and if somethings wrong ill tell them. any advice?
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    Kennith, the best advice we can give is to tell a parent about it and have a doctor take a look. Despite your family's recent loss, you shouldn't hold back on mentioning a health issue.
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      how long duz tc take to attck usually cos i have had this lump for about 5 or 6 years, ever since i hit puberty and i havent had any symptoms, would u have and thorts on wat it may be before i go to the doctor?
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