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  • in 2 minds

    about 5 weeks ago i found a very small lump (felt more like a spot )on my left testicle.
    straight away i was worried and went to the doctors to see what he had to say.
    he said he didnt think i had anythink to worry about but he would fax the local hospital to get me an ultra sound apointment.

    the apoint came through and sadly i could not attend due to me flying off to germany to watch england in the world cup.

    my girlfriend recieved a letter while i was away with a new apointment which is set for next week,but when i got back from germany i had a bath and thought i would check the lump to see if it had gotten bigger over the week and to my surprise the damn lump has gone,and i cannot find it on my testicle at all now.

    does this mean it can not be cancer?
    i always thought that to be cancer there must be a lump?

    i am in 2 minds wether to cancel my ultra sound or go anyway even tho the lump which i was scared of has now gone.

    any input would be great guys.
    thanks in advance

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    The lump could very easily have been an infection that simply clearedup on its own. It's probably nothing to worry about but I would get the ultrasound done just to be safe.
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