A few days ago I went to see a movie and I sat in a weird position because my tailbone was paining. Later that night when I came home and sat down I noticed a weird ache in my testicle that carried on until the end of the next day. It's gone now, but last night I got real paranoid and start reading all kinds of different testicle problems on the net, and boy was I paranoid, so I did a TC test on myself to feel any lumps, and I didn't feel any lumps of any kind on either of my testicles but I did feel a small (maybe half the size of a dime) lump floating near the testicle. I'm almost positive I can put my finger between it and the testicle. I'm not sure if this is normal tissue or if it's a Hydrocele. I'm only 16, but I've done a lot of reading.

The small lump is kind of hard to find. I can't get a hold of it long enough because it's slippery. It's near my right testicle, which hangs lower than my left. My right testicle is a tad bigger than my left, but I've always noticed that. There's no redness, no swelling, no more aches. My testicles always seem to ache every now and then and my friends say that's normal at my age with the blue balls and all. My testicles are always real sensitive. It only takes a tap and they ache for a while, but anyway, I'm confused as to what this small lump could be. I'm not really worried, but I am extremely paranoid because of all of the reading I've been doing. I have no problems urinating, masturbating, or anything of the like. I probably felt this lump before, and I ignored it and thought it was the tissue around the testicle, which I recently found out what it was, lol, but I think the fact that I did research has me paranoid. Reading up on Hydroceles, Torsion almost made me crap my pants. I'd rather lose a finger then have my testicles meet a metal object, unless I was DEEP under.

Any feedback or information would be appreciated. I'm not going to consult my parents or doctor unless I really notice a difference because it doesn't seem too dangerous or different.