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Infertility? :(

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  • Infertility? :(

    Hi everyone,

    I went for an ultrasound last year to be tested for TC but came out clean of that but with 3 other problems instead (YES THREE THINGS):

    1. A hyrdocele [right]
    2. Variococele [left]
    3. 3mm cyst [left]

    The second one is what im worried about. I have the hydrocele in one and the other things in the other testie! Im worried i wont be able to have kids.. whats the chance of having kids with one of these things and a hyrdocele in the other? The did write its a "very small Variococele" or maybe they wrote that about the cyst.. i can't remember. Do Variococele's come in different sizes?

    Give me some thoughts, thanks
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    I'll bet you're fine, but you can always have a fertility test to be sure.
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