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something to be worried about or not?

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  • something to be worried about or not?

    Hi - im a 26 year old guy. I just discovered that i have a "floating" thing near my left testical. Its about the size of a raisin i would say. I only just recently discovered this. I thought TC only occurred on the testes themselves. I regularly do self exams and everything appears OK on the testes themselves im just wondering now if this other thing is going to be cause fr concern?

    I am not experiencing any discomfort just worried because i have never noticed this thing before.

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    Hello and welcome
    It doesn't sound like T/C to me form the testing I have done.
    I would give my family doctor a call and tell the nurse what you are feeling and have them run it by the doctor and call you back if that would put your mind at ease. It might be nothing to worry about. If it is on the cord it could be a cyst or infection of some type. The good news is most problems are not T/C but any problem in that area is something that should be run by the doctor so it doesn't blow up into a bigger problem down the road.
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