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  • Something to scare you into action

    I have testicular cancer.
    My left testicle was removed 3 weeks ago.
    Left untreated TC will kill you - taking out your heart and brain with secondary tumors - but it is very curable.
    My left testicle swelled up ever so slightly. I hesitated a couple of weeks before seeing an eminent urologist who initially, on a physical examination, found nothing ... then did an ultrasound which showed a tumor growing right in the middle of the testicle. There was no lump and the testicle felt no harder than normal. Other specialists did physical examinations and had problems believing it to be cancer until they saw the scans.
    Don't even think of hanging around - take your troubles to a doctor who has an ultrasound machine.
    And I am going through all this in a language and country totally foreign to me.