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    I am a 16 year old white male, and recently i accidently discovered a mass on the "north pole" of my right testicle. It seems to be connected to the Epidimys at the very top. Id say the mass is no larger than a small marble, and about as firm as (maybe a little less) than the testicle itself. Ive researched it online and my symptoms seem to be that of a "Spermatocele." And this diagram seems to illustrate it perfectly:

    Further research on Spermatoceles tells me that they are benign cysts, but usually present in middle aged/elderly men. This worries me because I am 16.
    Symptoms dont seem to be that of cancer, but Id like to know whether or not these cysts occur in people as young as me..... Comments and feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

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    On this forum we communicate with a lot of men, in your age range, who have the same problem. A spermatocele may not be dangerious but you should let a doctor take a look just to maker sure, but it does'nt sound like anything to lose sleep over. Make sure you continue your monthly self exams.
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      Yeah thanks for your response. I am heasitent to mention it to my parents tho. Although I prbably shouldnt be, being that my father is a family doctor, I would feel strange mentioning it. I Dunno I wana have it checked out but i cant see myself asking my parents to take me to a doctor, they would want to know what was wrong and i cant really tell them.

      I Recently read online that if you shine a light through a cyst, it will appear transparent, while cancer appears opague. I performed a test with a small flashlight and it is indeed transparent. I am now 99.9% sure its a cyst, must i really ask to get this checked out? Ive had it for a while now, I figure i could wait untill i dont have to ask my parents to get it checkd out.

      I mean if it is a cyst, it must not be to urgent to check out, not like its gonna spread.
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