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Hello there - a few questions(and symptoms?)

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  • Hello there - a few questions(and symptoms?)

    Hey guys!

    A while ago (about 3 months now) I thought I felt a lump at the bottom of my right testicle. The lump almost seemed.. long, as if I could trace it up the back of my testicle. The problem was, it was giving me acute pain - almost a dull ache that I always knew was there.

    So, I plucked up the courage to visit the docs, and after checking me out, he said it's most likely a cyst, and that he was 100% sure I didn't have TC. That was that. However, now (about 1.5 months later), the pain's still there. I've been checking myself out a lot, and I know that this thing is exactly where the pain is coming from. I don't really get any pain anywhere else, although the pain kinda does radiate to that side of my body down there - though I know that's just how the nervous system works.

    Anyways, I'm a bit concerned about it. I've been reading up on Epididymis cysts and the like, and most seem to suggest it should be painless; which is raising the question to me - where is this pain coming from? Sometimes I can't even feel the lump at all.. its almost as if it dissapears, and othertimes after rolling my fingers around, I feel it straight away. Today I could have almost sworn I couldn't trace it back up, but more sideways then up.. but now I can't feel anything (apart from the dull ache of course).

    Any ideas guys?

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    Just back from a shower.. Had a good feel around. I have the *exact* same lump, same dimensions etc on the left testicle, however it doesn't hurt in the slightest. The one on the right just seems more.. defined? I dunno. Anyway, I pushed moderately on it, and it hurt like hell! Felt as if I was being kicked in the balls! Im sort of half convinced it's not TC now, because of the fact I have teh same lump in the exact same place on the other one, but I'm concerned as to why I'm having these ya know.. pains? They do almost seem to go into my lower abdomen at times (though I know if you're kicked down there, you get ecrutiating pain in the lower abdomen too!)

    Any ideas?



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      You could have an infection in the epididymis. If you still have pain over a month after seeing the doctor, you should go back. Pain is not a normal state. Of course, poking and prodding will make the area more sensitive.

      But it does not sound like TC.
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        It almost feels as if the epididymis has gone.. hardish, and it is quite hard to press against. I was reading up on epididymitis (sp?) and it mentioned a lot of the symptoms I have - however, can you get this at the.. 'tail' of the epididymis? Any diagrams always seem to refer to the top.

        It recommended lots of hot baths; and I remmber reading somewhere else to use a cold-pack. Two opposites eh!?