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  • lump on testicle

    Im a 14 year old male. About one or more years ago i noticed a lump on the top of my left testicle. It is smaller than a marble , it is not hard it is soft and moveable. I have never had any problems besides this. It has really been worrying me alot. I dont really feel like telling anyone like my mom or dad that i have a bumb on my testicle. It is moveable on my testicle. It doesnt hurt or anything. What should i do and could you give me an idea of what it is. I have been very worried lately.

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    It's quite possible that you have a cyst, but you have to have it checked by a doctor. At 14, the chances of you having TC are very, very, remote. However, all lumps need to be evaluated. Tell one or both of your parents. I'm sure they would want you to go to a doctor. Once you rule out anything serious, you can relax.
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