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  • Tc?

    hi there,

    im 16 years old and live on east coast of Australia. i have researched symptoms of the most common forms of testicular cancer. from wat i saw, it is uncommon for youths at my age to be diagnosed. As far as i know, no one in my family has had any cancer, let alone this type. I saw some symptoms include some pains in the lower stomach and one of the testicles.

    I occasionally ache (around 3-5 aches a day) in the area just above and to the right of the penis. Not sure if that is still the stomach area. Occassionally, but rarely there is a sharp pain in my right testicle but disappears quickly, and no other trace of it is found. There is no lumps on either of my testicles, but i am still worried about it.

    Any help or possible answers are appreciated.


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    If you can't feel any lumps, you probably don't have TC. However, if the pain continues, you should see a doctor. Having pain 3-5 times a day seems more than occasional. It could be something as simple as a strained muscle, but it would be better to get it checked out.

    best wishes.
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