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please help need ansers on lump, please!!

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  • please help need ansers on lump, please!!

    hi im 19 years old and 1 week ago i noticed a lump on top of my right testical..
    it is a tiny bit bigger then this smiley ---> it feels kinda round, and around it theres like a little goowy like pouch or what ever by it..
    the lump is attached to the testicle.. when i press it against my skin.. it kinda has like a vein blue'ish color, when i press on it it feels harder then a regular vein wood
    and also when i press on it ,it has the same pain feeling as if i wear to press on my testical..

    is this a sign of tc ??

    please give me some of your thoughts on what it may be..
    thank you!!
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    Any lump that is on the testicle needs to be looked at by a doctor.
    Don't freak out cancer is not common, but it still needs to be looked at by a doctor to see if something needs to be done or if any other test like a ultrasoundneed to be done.
    Here is the link to the self exam
    If you have any other question just ask.
    5-1-2006 Right IO - Stage 1 Nonseminoma Embryonal and Yolk sac - Surveillance Baby on the way Born 7-20-07


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      what are the chances of dying

      what are the chances of dying from tc ????
      how long does it take for it to spread...??
      if you have tc how many days,weeks, having it would be harder to cure?
      if i had tc how many days will be ok for it to be easily cured?


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        First off relax
        T/C is something they cure everyday even in late stages Look at Lance he had it everywhere and lived to tell his story.
        How it spreads is different in everyone no set time frame that I know of.
        T/C can be cured in very late stages like I said there is no time frame everyone is different.
        The sooner it is detected the better the chances but that is the same for anything cancer, infections, heart attack, trauma. That is why they say don't delay get to the doctor if you think something isn't right and let them make the call that is what they went to school for.
        hope this helps
        5-1-2006 Right IO - Stage 1 Nonseminoma Embryonal and Yolk sac - Surveillance Baby on the way Born 7-20-07


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          Yes, don't freak out. Did you get diagnosed, or just suspect you have it? They estimated I had mine for a year before I got it removed. It was a seminoma and spreads very slow, so never left the testicle. Other types move faster, but as stated, all have a good chance of being cured. Get it checked out right away and let us know. This site is full of survivors.


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            no i suspect it if you would read my other post about what i have and give me some thoughts of what you might think it is that would be great..

            well im going to look online for a uralogist in my area i live in florida...

            closest i can travel is... to ,north ort,port charlotte,venice,sarasota,bradenton..

            if anyone know of any good uralogists please let me know...

            or advice on how a un-proffesional urologist might act..
            i dont want to go to one thats not so good...
            so if you may give me advice on how a proffesional will act.. or anything..

            just to see if the urologist is good or not..


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              I only saw a urologist after I was diagnosed. Your family doctor can schedule an utrasound and blood work. That will tell them what they need to know.


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                burgdob ----

                what do you meen you went after you were diagnosed..???

                why not before? and are you cured of it?? how late was you cancer??

                after being diagnosed how long will it take for the whole cure and recovery process??

                if i go to a regular hospital would i be able to get it checked or a ultrasound done??


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                  what were your symptoms?


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                    I was doing a self exam when I notice one of my testicles was much larger than the other. No other symtoms, no pain, just one bigger than the other. Was big enough that I decide it was not right. When to the family doctor who said it was probably nothing, but needed an ultrasound. Did the ultrasound and was home about 5 minutes when the doctor called and said it showed a solid mass and I should come back. Told me he was 99% sure it was TC based on the radiologists report. I went for blood work (tumor markers) and scheduled an appointment with the Urologist. He said, based on the US, it was most likely TC and the wanted to remove it. Scheduled it two days later. The pathology report came back and said it was a Stage 1 seminoma, if you gotta have it, I had the best kind. Slow growing. It was about 2inches in diameter, my Oncologist said it was probably there a year. I had the option of survellance only or radiation and survellance. I chose radiation. 15 doses. I just had my first follow up CT and all was clear. Total time line, discovered 12/21, surgery 12/30, end of radiation 2/17. I would guess if you went to a hospital the would do an US. The hardest part for me was not knowing. I'm very impatient anyway, and in a strange way I was relieved to find out it was TC. At least I knew what I was up against and could get on with the fight.