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  • Spot-like-lump

    I am 17 and I have just recently found a small lump.
    I was getting some pain in my right testicle over the weekend but put it down to catching myself on my bike a few days earlier (I regularly cycle and the seat is slightly loose) so I thought nothing of it.
    The pain died down considerable but two nights ago I was checking myself out and found a small lump (it feels like a spot does on my face, rather than a smooth lump - if that means anything). It is not attached to the actual testicle, but it is just above it on the tube.
    There is rarely any pain now unless I actual press the lump.

    Should I be worried about this?
    Do I need to call my local doctor or what?

    Thank you.

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    Hi I Had The Same Thing It Was Just Above The Right Testicle..
    It Was The Size Of A Marble... I Whent To My Local Doctor And Had An Ultrasound Done.. Turned Out It Was A Cyst.. This Was 2 Days Ago..

    I Sugjest That You Go..

    If Your Worried About It.. When You Are Getting The Ultrasound... Look Up At The Screen Ask The Doctor To See The Lump On The Screen.. If Its Black Then Its Most Likley A Cyst...

    From What You Say Im 90% Sure Its A Cyst...