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My left epipdidymis is enlarged. What is it?

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  • My left epipdidymis is enlarged. What is it?

    Hi, I was just wondering if I can get so info./ opinions from the experts from Tc forum. Well, three months ago I felt a dull pains from my left lower area. At first I thought it was coming from my left knee, but then I pin pointed it to be coming from my left testicle. I then got on the web and did some research that lead me to signs TC, so I carried out the self-exam. I discover a lump on the head or top of the left testicle's epipdidymis, and from there I went to a urologist. The doc noticed the lump but said it might be just a cyst or an infection and gave me a influmation pills. The pills did not work, and besides the dull pain, I felt that the lump was getting bigger. So I called my doc, told him about the lumps progress, and from there I went through a ultrasound and CT scan, which came out negative.
    Now, at this stage I need some advice on what should I do. The lump on my left epipdidymis is larger than my right. It feels like the head of the left epipdidymis is enlarged and protruding from the testicle, like the head of the epipdidymis is swollen. The dull ache come and goes and the level of pain is steady, but the ache does not bother me physically than it does mentally. I am thinking of just trying to beating this by streghtening my imune system. Since both test results were negative and the doc cant explain it to me, I been eating more fruites and vegies, take barleylife,fiber, multi-vitamins, vitamin E & C supplements, excerice daily, and drink lots of water and juices.
    I know I should be eating well anyways, but my question is can my imune system fight off the lump or should I go back to the doctor or get a second opinion even when both tests were negative?
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    With the standard warning that I'm not a medical professional, and even if I were, I couldn't diagnose by Internet...

    This sure sounds like epididymitis (inflammation or infection of the epididymis) rather than testicular cancer. Occasionally, a tumor can be the underlying cause, but your ultrasound would have found that.

    I understand that after the infection is dealt with, it can take weeks or months for things to feel completely normal.

    Stay on top of the situation, and don't hesitate to talk to your doctor along the way.
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