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lump on testicle and lump on groin

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  • lump on testicle and lump on groin

    i have recently discovered a small lump on my tesitcal about 4mm by 3mm. it flops around a little bit if i move it. i also discoved a lump in my groin about 4cm by 1.5cm. i am haveing a pit of pain the the groin once in a while. im worried that this could be TC stage 2. im going to book a doctors appointment to check it out but work might get in the way should i get out of work to check it out a few days sooner? and if this does turn out to be stage 2 or 3 what sort of chances do i have? had the ultrasound done and everything is fine. no problems reported. had the groin bump done also and that is fine to. im feeling so relieved thanks for the information so i wasent going crazy.
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    Don't jump to conclusions but do not put off a doctor's appointment. An excellent source of information is Check over the self exam section as well as all the OTHER things lumps and bumps can be besides TC. TC is very curable...the earlier it's found the better. Let us know how the appointmrnt turns out and please do look at the site I referred you to.
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      The lump on your groin sounds like some sort of infection in the skin or inguinal lymph nodes. It would be very unusual for TC to cause this type of lump. HOWEVER, the lump in your groin does not sound normal and if it is an infection, it needs to be treated ASAP or it can cause problems. I would get checked sooner rather than later.
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        had it checked out

        i went to a doctor that was on call and had it checked out he doesnt think that its anything to be too concerened about however he did recomend that i get an ultrasound to check it out. he said it would be a 4 week wait and 1 week for results but i phoned and someone must have canceled because i got one booked for tomorrow. im still worried but at least this is a step in the right direction if it is anything. also i went on antibotics recently for a cold and that seemed to make the groin thing hurt a bit less but didnt get rid of it.


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          Did you hear the results of your ultrasound yet?
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